Records Bureau

For Law Enforcement and other Governmental agencies, such as DHS, CPS, or MDOC, we no longer accept requests for information by Facsimile. Representatives from these agencies can obtain records in person 24 hours a day from the front desk officers working at the Inkster Police Department. You are not required to wait until the record Bureau is open for business.

Parking for the Records Bureau is on the street adjacent to the Police Parking lot. The Records Bureau is located on the S/E corner of the Police Department.

Finger Printing

We no longer offer fingerprinting services at this time.

Firearm Purchase Permits/Registration

Firearm permits and registration is available during regular Records business hours.

Freedom of Information Act Request (FOIA)

All FOIA request are process through the City Clerk's office. Do not submit FOIA request directly to the Inkster Police Department for processing as they will be denied.

Note: It should be noted that for simple report requests, a FOIA request is not required.

Sex Offender Registration

Sex offender registration is available during regular Records business hours.

Fee Information

Records Bureau Fee Structure

  • CCW Gun Registration: Free
  • New Public Vehicle License: $10
  • Renewal Of Public Vehicle License: $10
  • Gun Registration and Permit: Free
  • Police Clearance (Excluding Government Agency): $10
  • Vehicle Inspections: $5
  • Duplication Fee: $3
  • Police Report
    • Resident: $5
    • Non-Resident / Insurance Company: $15
Note: Council Approved March 2, 2015

Paying Fees

All fees, except vehicle releases, are paid in the Lobby at the Records Bureau. No personal checks or credit cards accepted. The above fees have been established by the Inkster City Council.