Code Enforcement Division

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The Inkster Code Enforcement Division is comprised of sworn offices whose oath is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the community through enforcement of ordinances adopted by the City Council, property maintenance code as well as elements of the city zoning code. their purpose is not only to identify violations of city codes but also to answer citizen complaints and cause to be removed nuisances that affect citizens' enjoyment of their property and to improve the overall quality of life throughout the city.

The Code Enforcement Division is currently housed in the Building Department located at City Hall. Under the supervision of the senior officer, the unit currently operates with several sworn officers who continuously strive for improvement by training in their field to provide Inkster residents and business operators with the highest level of service.

Code Enforcement Officers are committed to working cooperatively with other city departments and outside agencies as necessary to relay and exchange ideas and information beneficial to the interests of the city. Officers also work in conjunction with neighborhood and city organizations aiding in various capacities. 

To report a violation or to file a complaint, contact the Code Enforcement Office at (313) 203-2484.