Crime Prevention

The Inkster Police Department is proactive when dealing with crime prevention. We would like to prevent crime from occurring instead of responding to a crime that has already been committed.

Currently, all new site development plans are reviewed by the Crime Prevention Unit for recommendations. These recommendations reflect the crime prevention through environmental design philosophy.

There are several programs currently being conducted by the Crime Prevention Unit. The most notable of these is the neighborhood watch program, business watch, residential security surveys, and other community education programs from senior safety and 911 educations to "street smarts" and identity theft prevention.

In short, any crime prevention programs you are interested in, we can make it available to you. The Department maintains professional memberships in the Crime Prevention Association of Michigan and the American Society of Industrial Security Association, both nationally recognized as leaders in the area of crime prevention.

To arrange for any of these programs contact Community Policing at 734-326-3834 or 313-563-9850.

Vacation Watch

We provide extra surveillance of your home or business while you’re away on vacation or business. We will make sure the area officers are aware and keep a watchful eye your home or business while you are away. Please call us at 313 563-9850 to notify us when you are away. We ask that when possible, you call at least five or more days in advance of your departure.