Snow Emergency

A parking prohibition shall automatically go into effect on any part of a snow emergency route on which there has been an accumulation of snow and ice of four inches or more for one hour or more between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m. of any day. Termination of the parking prohibition will be by announcement. Special signs are posted at the intersection of every block designated on a snow emergency route. Parking prohibitions may also be declared on all or parts of secondary streets as necessary:
  • No person operating a motor vehicle on a snow emergency route on which there is a covering of snow, sleet or ice shall allow such vehicle to become stalled wholly or partly because the drive wheels are not equipped with effective tire chains or snow tires; or exhausted motor fuel supply; or an inoperative battery
  • The person operating such vehicle shall take immediate action to have the vehicle towed or pushed off the roadway of such emergency route
  • No person shall abandon or leave his vehicle in the roadway regardless of whether he indicates, by raising the hood or otherwise, that the vehicle is stalled, except for the purpose of securing assistance during the actual time necessary to go to a nearby telephone or to a nearby garage, gasoline station or other place of assistance and return without delay. Violators of these provisions are subject to the towing of the vehicle and traffic citations