Tamika Jenkins

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Title: Police Chief
Phone: (313) 563-9853 Ext. 3102
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Interim Chief Tamika L. Jenkins is a seasoned law enforcement professional with a distinguished career spanning over two decades. Born and raised in a tight-knit community, she developed a strong sense of duty and commitment to public service from an early age. 




Chief Jenkins graduated from the School of Staff and Command at Northwestern University and is currently working towards a bachelor’s degree in leadership and diversity from Clary University to further enhance her expertise in the field. 


Law Enforcement Career: 


Chief Jenkins began her law enforcement journey as a patrol officer for the Pontiac Police Department, moving on to join the Inkster Police Department, and later retired from the Detroit Public Schools Police Department, but not before demonstrating exceptional dedication and leadership skills. Her exemplary performance led to swift promotions, and she rose through the ranks, gaining experience in various divisions, including investigations, community policing, and administration. 


In her previous role as Deputy Chief, Chief Jenkins implemented innovative community policing initiatives that fostered positive relationships between law enforcement and the community. Under her leadership, crime rates have begun to decrease, and the department received accolades for its proactive and community-centered approach. 


Community Engagement: 


Chief Jenkins is known for her commitment to community engagement and building trust between the police force and the residents they serve. She has actively participated in outreach programs, town hall meetings, and collaborative efforts with local organizations to address the unique needs of the community. 


Training and Development: 


Recognizing the importance of continuous improvement, Chief Jenkins has been a strong advocate for ongoing training and professional development within the police department. She plans to implement training programs focused on de-escalation techniques, cultural sensitivity, and the use of cutting-edge technology to ensure officers are well-equipped to handle the evolving challenges of law enforcement. 


Vision for the Future: 


As Chief of Police, Tamika L. Jenkins envisions a department that is not only responsive to the needs of the community but also proactive in addressing emerging issues. Her strategic vision includes leveraging technology to enhance crime prevention, promoting transparency, and fostering a diverse and inclusive police force that reflects the community it serves. 




Chief Jenkins is a dedicated public servant, a loving spouse, a proud parent, and grandparent. Her passion for community service extends beyond her professional life, as she frequently volunteers for local charities and youth mentorship programs. 


Chief Tamika L. Jenkins brings a wealth of experience, leadership, and a deep commitment to community-oriented policing to her role as the Interim Chief of Police. Her vision for a safer, more connected community sets the stage for a new era of effective and compassionate law enforcement. 



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