IPAC & Social Media 


Inkster Public Access Channel (I-PAC) is the local cable station you'll want to turn to for local government news, public affairs programming, live Council sessions, and County Executive press conferences. Watch us on Comcast Channel 12, and U-Verse Channel 99. 

On I-PAC TV you'll get answers on what type of services or programs your county government offers, as well as a variety of regular shows and special programming to keep you in touch with your elected officials.

Inkster's public access channel was created as a means to provide the public with information about the City of Inkster/ Wayne County Government services, operations, and events.


The mission of the channel is:

  1. To expand and enhance public participation in the governmental process by (a) broadcasting meetings of governmental bodies, public hearings, and news conferences; (b) creating and presenting programs that expand the awareness of residents, businesses, and visitors of the County government, its organizations, commissions and agencies, and its decision-making processes and events and programs provided by the County government; and (c) facilitating two-way communication between residents, businesses and visitors, and County government officials,
  2. To expand and enhance residents' access to County programs and services by bringing comprehensive information on those services, programs, and resources to residents via cable television and other media; and
  3. To enhance emergency communications in the County.IPAC Logo

Social Media

The Media Department uses social media platforms to reach more of the City's residents across as many platforms as possible. The Media Department actively manages the City's Twitter and Facebook accounts and helps distribute information to associated newspapers.