Greetings of Peace and Blessings to the residents of Inkster! 

I am humbled and pleased to welcome you to 2023. May it be filled with peace, prosperity, and health. 2022 saw the “end of the pandemic” freeing up businesses and individuals to get back on track, including Inkster.

I truly give thanks for the honor of being your mayor and I remain committed to the community. We will continue in our efforts to make Inkster a cleaner, safer, and more accessible city by becoming leaders in innovation while displaying our pride in the history and culture of our beloved city. I look forward to being a part of Inkster’s continued rejuvenation as we close the digital divide in a partnership with Nokia, Strategic Alliance, Flagstar, and Chase Bank that will put Inkster on the map, among other dynamic developments.

Of course, my most important goal is to be accessible to you. Although it is very difficult to arrange meetings with all who wish for an audience, I will increase my efforts to be in touch with residents, the community, and stakeholders to ensure needs are being met. This has always been my personal and professional mission.

My administration will maintain efforts to engage long-term and new residents in positive cooperation designed to ignite Inkster’s enormous potential. Everyone has something to contribute. My vision is that we all will benefit in the future that in many ways is already here—a future that is vibrant yet peaceful, renewed, and traditional. There is much to do.

United as citizens invested in Inkster, I invite residents to get involved in neighborhood watch, befriend/ support each other, and volunteer in social events sponsored by the city and other public-focused endeavors. It’s all about civil fellowship.

The mayor and distinguished City Council are with you.

On behalf of myself, my family, and the administration, we wish you and your families a phenomenal New Year!

Honorable Mayor, Patrick Wimberly 
City of Inkster 


  • Completed: An open space Amphitheatre on Inkster and South River Park Drive. The funds were allocated by state appropriations through the office of State Rep. Jewell Jones.
  • Completed: Bathrooms, showers, and common area renovations inside the Booker T. Dozier Center. The Wayne County Warren C. Evans Executive Office allocated 800 thousand dollars through a Community Development Block Grant to help remodel the rec center.
  • Completed: Renovations of Colonial Park. The park was paved and connected to the greenway path.
  • Completed: Rodeway Hotel on Michigan Avenue was remodeled into an affordable 1- and 2-bedroom apartment complex.
  • Completed: A gas station was built on the corner of Middlebelt and Michigan. Opening soon.
  • Completed: The Old Red Carriage (in front of Heatherwood Apartments) was torn down.
  • In Development: The construction of The Inkster Senior Wellness Center, a 2.5-million-dollar facility, is underway. Mayor Wimberly and Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib participated in the Big Check Ceremony signifying its initiation.
  • In Development: Thanks to State Senator Dayna Polehanki, State Approbation funds of 1.2 million dollars were allocated to the City of Inkster to develop a Historical & Cultural Art Museum at the old library. It is slated to open in early 2023.
  • In Development: A sidewalk replacement program with 750 thousand dollars allocated for that purpose.
  • In Development: The old “Side Pocket” Coney Island at 364 Inkster Road is in the process of being renovated and transformed into a lounge/café.
  • Hosted: An Expungement Fair with Attorney General Dana Nessel. Over 300 residents were served.
  • Introduced: The Annual Homecoming Memorial Festival, a 3-day family-friendly event.
  • Received: Fifty-thousand dollars from Priority Health & National Fitness to erect an Outdoor Fitness Court
  • Sold: The Inkster Civic Center was bought by a local developer and is in the process of being transformed into an indoor state-of-the-art athletic arena. The arena will include indoor soccer, football, and more.
  • Sold: The City of Inkster generated $952,205.99 in land sales.
  • Updated: The Parks and Recreation Master Plan, a roadmap for decisions over the next five years to identify future needs and how to better serve the community.
  • Granted: Over the past year the city of Inkster generated 5.3 million through the county, state, and federal appropriations.

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