Department of Public Services

The Department of Public Services consists of three divisions: Central Services, Roads/Parks and Grounds and Water and Sewer. Please choose from the menu above for additional information regarding our department.

Goals and Objectives

Solid Waste Program

  • Provide regulatory oversight of solid waste facilities within Wayne County to minimize the impact to residents and the environment.
  • To minimize the impact of Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) by providing information on proper disposal and by hosting HHW collection events throughout Wayne County.
  • Provide assistance to communities and community groups looking for help in preventing illegal dumping.
  • Increase the awareness of the need for recycling of waste materials as a means of reducing reliance on landfills.

Soil Erosion Program

  • Provide regulatory oversight of earth change activities in Wayne County communities under our jurisdiction to minimize the impact to residents and the environment.
  • Provide timely review and issuance of Soil Erosion permits to applicants to prevent an undue burden on communities and developers during the construction and development process.

Yard Waste Curbside Pick-Up Current Schedule

Compost beginning the 1st week of April on a consistent basis tells the end of May. Second, beginning the 1st week of June to the end of October, compost is on a bi-weekly schedule with routes being identified as routes A and B, please refer to the compost schedule located in your Inkster calendar for your route in either A or B. Lastly beginning the 1st week of November to the end of November, compost begins on a weekly schedule. For any further questions or concerns please refer to our office number at 313-563-9774.

Please be aware:

  • Compost-weight limits are not more than 50 pounds per marked can/compost bag.
  • Residents are required to separate grass clippings, leaves, weeds, and other "soft" yard waste from regular trash.
  • Place marked can/compost bags at the curbside for pick-up on the same day as trash during weekly pick-up only.
  • Do not place them in improper containers such as boxes/plastic bags or mix them with rubbish.

Please help keep sewer drains clean and free of debris.

The Great Lakes Water Authority

Perform Meter Replacement in the City of Inkster


Sampling of Copper and Lead Water Services

Helpful Resources

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Department of Public Service at 313-563-9774.

Wayne County 24-hour Hotline 1-888-223-2363
For Landfill, illegal dumping, soil runoff from construction sites and other solid waste related complaints

EGLE Pollution 24-Hour Emergency Alerting System (PEAS) 
To report spills, releases or other environmental emergencies involving:
Air, Land, Water, Groundwater, Wetlands, Public Drinking Water,9429,7-135-3306_6828-8796--,00.html

The City of Inkster is located in the Rouge River Watershed and a member of the Find Alliance of Rouge Communities organization.The organization supports cooperation between the member communities and residents towards meeting water quality requirements of the Clean Water Act.  More information regarding activities and resources can be found on their website.

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