We aim to lessen the exposure of the community to the consequences of fire, medical and environmental emergencies through prevention, planning and response.

That Mission

Is to be pursued diligently, tempered only by the solemn responsibility of government to be prudent caretakers of the public funds entrusted to them.

Our Vision

Is one of an emergency service organization dedicated to professionalism, teamwork and excellence.

Our Values & Beliefs

We believe that the Inkster Fire Department has a role in all programs that impact the safety of our citizens, visitors, property and environment. It is our responsibility to constantly improve existing programs and to look for additional means to lessen the loss of life and property within our community.

Employees are valued by the Inkster Fire Department as our most important resource. Their involvement in decisions that affect the organization is the best way to assure continued progress.

We believe that prevention efforts through public education, code development and enforcement, community planning, and investigation is the best way to reduce the impact of fire, medical and environmental emergencies.

Firefighter uses extinguisher
Firefighter adjusts gloves
Firefighter stands on road