The Department of Engineering provides in-house technical expertise to monitor, facilitate, and manage the City's Capitol Improvement Projects, inquire, apply and capture Federal and State grants to provide funding for our projects. Examples of Capital Improvement Projects are rehabilitation, reconstruction and improvements to the City's major and local streets, Bridges, sanitary and storm sewer system, and the Water supply system. We have approximately 15.19 miles of major and 79.88 miles of local streets, abo8ut 146 miles of (Combined, storm and sanitary) sewers, and about 106 miles of the water mains in our town.

The Department of Engineering is also in charge for the short and long term corrective action programs for the Combined Sanitary Sewer Overflows (C.S.O.s) and Sanitary Sewer Overflows (S.S.O.s). Out of 23 C.S.O. Outfalls to the Rouge River 15 have been taken care of. The City is working to correct or control the remaining outfalls in the near future.

The City has received millions of dollars in Federal and State Grants for our Projects through the efforts of our Engineering Department to undertake these improvements. Prior to the creation of the in-house Engineering Department, all engineering related work was being handled by outside consulting engineering firms. The City has realized substantial savings (in the range of millions of dollars) by handling these projects in-house.