Transportation Enhancement Grant

About the Grant

The City of Inkster will be receiving a Transportation Enhancement Grant from the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT). The Transportation Enhancement (TE) program is a competitive grant program that funds projects such as non-motorized paths, streetscapes, and historic preservation of transportation facilities, that enhance Michigan’s intermodal transportation system and improve the quality of life for Michigan citizens.

Downtown Improvements

Through this grant, the City and the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) will focus on enhancing our downtown. Through a streetscape plan, which will include new decorative sidewalks, landscaping, fencing, pillars, bus stop shelters and benches, outdoor seating, and a pass through plaza from rear public parking to Michigan Avenue. It is our hope that this project will have a grand impact on our downtown, as well as the overall community.

The renderings are conceptual proposals that the City and DDA would like to see occur through this project.