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Fire Department
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Fire Department

Department of Fire and Rescue

Fire Chief Michael Reddy 
Chief: John D. Adams
Address: 27717 Michigan Avenue
Inkster, Michigan 48141
Main Number: (313) 563-9874
Fax Number: (313) 563-6660
For All Emergencies: 911
Office Hours: 8:00am - 4:00pm

Life safety and property conservation are two main functions of the fire department.

The Inkster Fire Department consists of 21 uniformed personnel. The department has one station with one engine, one aerial, and one EMS unit. Our department responded to over 5400 requests for service.

The Department Framework

Firefighting Units

The Fire Department consist of three (3) seven men units, each of which has one Captain, one Sergeant, and five Firefighters.  They work year round fighting fires and transporting the sick and injured. 

Other Duties

In addition to their Firefighting responsibilities most of our Firefighters wear more than one hat.  We have Firefighters assigned as: Fire Chaplain, Fire Inspector, Emergency Medical Service Coordinator, Hazardous Materials Specialists, Training Officers, and Public Relations Officer.


Our Administrative Staff consist of a Fire Chief who handles all incoming calls to the department, reports and complaints.  Our chief runs the department like a business and our business is to serve YOU our residents.  He accomplishes that by removing barriers for our staff to operate more efficiently with an emphasis on doing the job well with customer service as a priority.

Inkster Fire Departments In ActionFire Cause and Origin Unit (Arson Team)

The Fire Cause and Origin Unit consists of one (1) Fire Inspector and one (1) Police Officer.  These men have been trained in the field of Fire Investigation, through the Michigan State Police.  Their objective is to find the cause of the fire, where it might have started, and if the fire was intentionally set.  This Unit continues to receive on going training in the field of Fire Investigation.

Outdoor Emergency Warning System

All firefighters are trained to either operations on technician level for hazardous materials response and 2 firefighters serve on the special response team to the Western Wayne County Haz-Mat Team.

There are two firefighters also assigned to fire investigation and two assigned as a tactical EMS team to provide service to police tactical SWAT operations.

Firefighter In ActionThe Outdoor Emergency Warning System for the City of Inkster consisting of 4 Whelen High Power WPS-2800 remote siren sites that have been strategically placed to offer coverage throughout the community. The sirens have been used to warn Inkster residents and visitors of any impending threat to life and property. The sirens have the ability to produce four tones, and to broadcast a vocal message. The sirens are only used to offer an alert to the public and have never been used for any other type of message broadcasting. Some of the threats that may cause the activation of the siren system would be:

  • Tornado warning and/or tornado touchdown in Wayne County
  • Hazardous Material Spill
  • Nuclear strike warning
  • Flood warning, or any other real threat to the community

When the siren system is activated, the public is advised to go into their homes, turn on the radio and/or television and await information through the Federal EWS (Emergency Warning System) as to the pending threat and steps to take for you and your family's safety.

Since the system in Inkster is an Outdoor warning system, the activation of the sirens may not be heard inside your home. The purpose of this system was to warn people outside to seek shelter indoors. For your protection, you should always be aware of present weather conditions. If the weather looks threatening, turn on a radio or television to keep current on the approaching fronts. A weather alert radio can be purchased to alert you regarding any watches and/or warnings.

Office Hours

Our Administrative Hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00am - 4:00pm.

  Inkster Fire Department Building  
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