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22nd District Court

22nd District Court
Chief Judge: Honorable Judge Hammer
Court Administrator: Sally Huskins
Deputy Court Administrator: Carmilla Bourn
Judicial Secretary: Nicole James
Court Reporter: Priscilla Gibbs
Probation Officer: Breana A. Purdy
Court Officers:  
Deputy Court Clerks: Letitia Brown
Irene Boike
Terriol Johnson
Debra Mundy
Audray Hicks
Alice Hagler-Taylor
Janet Brown
Grace Stewart
Compliance Officer  
Community Service Directors Nicole James

Audray Hicks

Address: 27331 S. River Park Drive
Inkster, Michigan 48141
Main Number: (313) 277-8200
Fax Number: (313) 277-8221
Office Hours: 8:30am - 4:30pm

The 22nd Judicial District Court is located in Wayne County in the City of Inkster, and is one of 121 District Courts in the State of Michigan. It is presently the busiest single judge Court and its judge handles the heaviest docket of any state judge in Michigan.

The function of the Court is to administer justice and provide a forum for the orderly resolution of disputes. Toward that end, a Judge must listen and give each case the time required even though the Courtís case-flow statistics may be impacted.  The 22nd District Court has consistently exceeded the statewide annual average number of dispositions and new case filings per judge by between 1,000 to 8,000 cases. These numbers are staggering but they, alone, do not convey the true workload. This Court also has far more judicially time intensive cases than other District Courts, including general civil, serious felony cases, criminal misdemeanors and landlord tenant cases.

The Chief Judgeís request for a second judgeship was recently denied for a third time by the Michigan Supreme Court, yet, the 22nd District Court remains committed to administering justice, providing equal access and affording every litigant a fair opportunity to be heard.

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Court Schedule
Important Information
Payment Methods
Programs & Services
Court Hours & Location

Court Schedule

The Court generally adheres to the following schedule except on holidays
and during weeks set aside for jury trials:


22nd District Court BuildingArraignments

Monday is set aside for out of custody arraignments. Most matters are scheduled in advance but persons known to have out- standing warrants may turn themselves in for arraignment to avoid arrest. (In custody arraignments are conducted daily.) This is the first appearance before the Judge for persons charged with a criminal misdemeanor or felony.

The Judge advises of the charge and potential consequences of conviction. The Defendant must enter a plea of

  1. Not Guilty,
  2. Guilty,
  3. No Contest or
  4. May Stand Mute.

If Defendant pleads guilty, a sentence may be imposed immediately for misdemeanor convictions.  If a Defendant pleads not guilty or sentencing is delayed, the Judge will set a bond and the next Court date.


Defendants are required to check in at the front window with a Deputy Court Clerk.


Morning General Civil

Pre-trials, trials, motion hearings, creditor exams, petitions for installment payments, and objections to garnishments are heard by the judge.

The Judge holds civil pre-trials in chambers before taking the bench.

Afternoon Landlord-Tenant

Land contract forfeitures and other summary proceedings related to housing are heard.


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Check in with Court Officers.

Double Docket:

On the second and fourth Tuesday criminal misdemeanors and local ordinance cases are added to the docket (Criminal Defendants see Thursday check-in procedure).

22nd District Court OfficialsWednesday

Felony/State Misdemeanor

Cases are heard. The Prosecutor must pre-screen all cases set for trial, pretrial, and preliminary examination. The prosecutor prepares the proper forms and sends the file to the judge when they are ready to be heard.


Check in with the Assistant County Prosecutor by 9:00am for felonies and 10:00am for misdemeanors. The judge takes the bench as soon as cases are pre-tried and ready to be heard.


Ordinance/Criminal Misdemeanor

Cases are heard.


Defense Lawyers and out of custody Defendants must check in with the City Attorney, who will prepare the proper form(s) and send the files to the judge.  The judge takes the bench as soon as cases are pre-tried and ready to be heard.


Sentencing/Probation Violation

Show cause hearings are also held.


Check in with Probation Officers.

Informal Hearings & Small Claims

The Magistrate conducts informal hearings for civil traffic infractions on Tuesday and Thursday and Small Claims cases on Wednesday afternoon in Courtroom B.

Important Information

Courts assign priority to matters involving Defendants who are in custody. Similarly criminal cases take precedence over civil matters. The Court may interrupt or delay scheduled proceedings to conduct in-custody arraignments, and address other urgent matters as necessary.

  • While the Prosecutor/City Attorney prepares criminal files for hearing, the Judge signs warrants, judgments, writs and orders in chambers. Currently, there are thousands of cases in warrant status.
  • On Tuesdays and Thursdays the afternoon docket may start late when, in the judges discretion, it is expedient to extend the morning docket to complete a trial or conclude the testimony of a witness.
  • This may be done to avoid requiring morning litigants to return after lunch resulting in a double inconvenience to them as well as a delay to afternoon litigants.

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Payment Methods

The Court has contracted with Official Payments Corporation to enable citizens to pay uncontested civil traffic tickets by phone 24 hours per day 7 days a week using credit/debit cards. Call (888) 604-7888 and enter code 5025 for further information. The Court also accepts direct credit card payments and there is a drop box at the front entrance.

Programs & Services

Community Outreach Program ParticipantsCommunity Service Program

In 1989, the Chief Judge initiated a local community service program to put non-violent offenders to work and save taxpayers the cost of incarceration. Offenders pay all costs and fund educational/community events such as Law Day. They cut lawns and remove snow for low income seniors, pick up litter and work with charitable organizations. Seniors who wish to be placed on the service list and community organizations may call Sharon Livingston, Community Service Director at (313) 277-8211.

Drug Court

Because the 22nd District Court has a disproportionate number of drunk driving and drug related cases, it sought and was awarded a $25,000.00 federal planning grant to develop a local Drug/Sobriety Court. After training in Georgia, California and finally in Lansing the Courtís team received Certificates of Completion from the National Drug Court Institute. If federal or state funding becomes available, the Court is poised to launch a Pilot Program in 2006 and become 1 of over 1600 Drug/Sobriety Courts presently in operation.

Brown vs The Board of Education Program ParticipantsBrown vs. The Board of Education Program

The 50th Anniversary of the landmark civil rights case which struck down "Separate But Equal" schools was celebrated around the nation in May 2004. The Court drew a standing room only crowd at its Educational Program which featured an "Inkster Idol Contest".

Mentoring Program

The Chief Judge convened a coalition of prominent pastors, school administrators and community leaders, resulting in the formation of Save African American Boys (S.A.A.B.) The intensive mentoring program was the only organization of its kind in the state. The goal was to keep mentorees in school and out of court by providing positive role models and exposure to cultural/ educational venues both in and out of state. S.A.A.B. was funded by an annual ecumenical concert featuring a mass combined choir of participating churches.

The interception of the local school district confluent with the Court's heavy docket resulted in the 11 year highly successful program being placed on hiatus. There are ruminations of reactivating S.A.A.B.

Law Day ParticipantsLaw Day Program

For the past 17 years, on or about May 1st, the Chief Judge has given students at Inkster High School a first hand lesson on how the Court system works. During the assembly, real life Court hearings are conducted with an emphasis on drunk driving and drug related cases. The court also sponsors an essay contest and works directly with students who present mock legal arguments before the student body. The assembly is open to the public and is later aired on Comcast . Topics have included capital punishment; President Clinton's sexual harassment case; Michael Jackson's child molestation case and the O. J. Simpson murder case.

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Court Hours & Location

The 22nd District Court is open to the public Monday through Friday from 8:30am until 4:30pm.  The Court is closed on Saturdays and Sundays, and Holidays.  The Court is located 1 block North of Michigan Avenue and 1 block East of Inkster Road.



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