Code Enforcement Corner

Inkster City Ord. Section 39.02 provides for the following 

violations to be addressed as a civil infraction rather than 

as a misdemeanor.

The first offense is $100.00, 2nd offense is $200.00.

The 3rd offense will still be a misdemeanor citation.


Blight: City Ord. No. 156.02.

         (b)   Encumbering/obstructing streets: City Ord. No. 97.004.

         (c)   Noxious weeds: City Ord. No. 95.15.

         (d)   Political signs: City Ord. No. 153.18, 97.004 and 153.15.

         (e)   Appliances/furniture: City Ord. No. 156.02.

         (f)   Refuse collection requirements: City Ord. No. 50.03.

         (g)   Residential off-street parking: City Ord. No. 155.077(C)(9).

         (h)   Signs: City Ord. No. 155.241(B)(5), 155.234 and 155.235.

         (i)   Snow/ice removal: City Ord. No. 97.081.

         (j)   Tree care: City Ord. No. 98.19.


Warning letters will not be sent for the above violations so be 

sure to maintain your property in accordance with City Ordinances

in order to avoid the extra expense of a citation.

Questions may be directed to Sgt. Wall at (313)-563-2820