Greetings Inkster, 

It is with great pleasure as Mayor to welcome you into the New Year. As we look ahead to the New Year we look forward not as individuals, but collectively as members of our community. 

2020 was a year filled with world changes; how we interact with one another and how we do business. To our family and friends who suffered a loss during the COVID pandemic, you are forever in our thoughts and prayers.
Being the Mayor of our community is an honor and a privilege. I take pride in our hometown and look forward to being a part of the resurgence of our great city.  As a community we must never forget that it will take the work of all of us; our elected officials, citizens, churches, non-profits, and business owners in our community to help us move our city forward. We must unite! No more empty promises, we have to put in the work! Together with one voice one Inkster. 

As your Mayor, I will always be actively engaged in community events and programs.  I will remain in touch with our residents, community, and stakeholders to ensure that their needs are being met. My personal and professional mission is to be accessible to you. 

We will together continue to make strides and improvements in reducing crime through community empowerment; with the forming of more block clubs and community policing efforts for a cleaner, safer and accessible city. 

I am excited to begin this New Year in service to each of you. 2020 was a year of transition 2021 will be a year of transformation with all of us working towards one common goal.  

I believe along with The Distinguished members of the City Council that we must engage and inspire talent that already exists within our community while attracting new citizens to make us stronger, better, and prosperous for many years to come. 

On behalf of myself, my family, and the administration, we wish you and your family a wonderful New Year. 

Yours in Service, 

Honorable Mayor, Patrick Wimberly 
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