Dogs, Licenses, Leashes, Provisions

All dogs within the city limits must be licensed. Licenses can be obtained from the city's Parks and Recreation Department located at 2025 Middlebelt Road. Licenses must be renewed annually. Licenses must be presented to law enforcement personnel upon request:
  • No person may harbor or keep a fierce or vicious dog at any time within the limits of the city, and must report such dog to the Police Department immediately upon discovering such condition
  • No person shall keep or harbor any dog which by loud, frequent or habitual barking, yelping or howling shall cause serious annoyance to the neighborhood or to people passing to and from upon the streets
  • Only three dogs and/or three cats over the age of six months may be kept per home excluding the litter that has been born. When the litter has reached six months in age, only three dogs and/or cats are permitted
  • Dogs outside an enclosed fence must be on a leash at all times including during walking
  • Provisions of adequate food, water, and shelter must be accessible for dogs kept outdoors
  • Premises must be kept free of animal waste and maintained in a sanitary condition
Inquiries regarding impoundment can be directed to the animal control officer at the dog pound by calling 313-562-5020 between the hours of 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. Otherwise, the animal control officer may be contacted through the Police Department at 313-563-9850.