Water & Sewer Division



This division is responsible for:
  • Water main breaks
  • Stop boxes
  • Hydrants
  • Water gates
  • Discontinued water services
  • Installing new water taps
  • Replacing seed/top soil/grass/cement to necessary areas
  • Reporting river gage readings to the National Weather Service
  • Handling sewer complaints
  • Checking pumping stations
  • Removing, exchanging, and setting meters
  • Handling customer service requests such as re-reads, turn ons/offs
  • Handling final readings

Water / Sewer Division

  • Provides 24 hours a day 7 days a week availability of personnel for emergency water repairs, drainage and sewerage backups, flooding and other customer service requests.
  • Reads and services approximately 10,000 metered accounts.
  • Responds to customer service requests for field investigations on high bill complaints, flooded basements, plugged sewer lines, connections, sinkholes, water quality complaints and other service delivery concerns.
  • Provides maintenance, repair and cleaning of sewers, catch basins and frames, manholes, broken crock, sewer and drainage pipe.
  • Performs water main and valve repairs, inspections, construction and maintenance.
  • Performs service line repairs, disconnections and new taps.
  • Performs hydrant repairs, inspections, maintenance, installations, relocations and removals.
  • Performs maintenance and repair of park fountains.
  • Manages a city-wide downspout disconnection program.
  • Provides cross divisional and departmental assistance for City events and functions.
  • Provides crisis emergency assistance for city-wide storm damage and other disasters.

Helpful Resources

If you are affected by a water main break, please inform us of any significant loss of pressure or if the water appears cloudy or rusty. Customers will be notified if and when a shut off of water will be required for repairs. If the water main break is in front of your property, please remove any vehicles that are parked in the area where the crews will be working and any vehicles parked in your driveway if you need to leave your residence.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us!