Trees / Weed Control

Cutting high grass/weeds in residential and commercial areas of owners in violation of the City’s Weed Ordinance. Violators are required to pay the costs of the service.

Planting, Trimming & Removal

Responsible for cutting grass in parks, city medians, cul-de-sac and islands.


Scheduled for the 1st Saturday of each month (except for holidays). The City of Inkster supplies a drop off site at the Parking Lot at Kurtsell and Huck Court located 1 block north of Michigan and 1 block west of Inkster Road.

Accepted Items

Bring only the following clean items to the recycling site:
  • Cardboard boxes (cut to fit bin), cereal boxes, pop can cases (no pizza boxes)
  • Office paper - bundle with string or place in brown paper bag to prevent from blowing around
  • Household batteries (no car batteries) placed in small clear plastic bag
  • Newspaper and everything that comes with the newspaper must be bundled with string or placed in brown bag to prevent from blowing around
  • Plastic bottles (1 or 2 on bottom) discard lids
  • Glass bottles/jars (clear, brown and green) discard lids
  • Phone books/magazines/catalogs - bundled with string
  • Aluminum and tin cans
  • Empty aerosol cans - discard lids