Road / Parks & Grounds Division

Middle Belt Road Resurfacing Project

Middle Belt Road Resurfacing Project
This division is responsible for:
  • Repairing chuck holes
  • Street sweeping streets
  • Cleaning catch basins
  • Spreading salt on streets parking lots, and sidewalks
  • Applying asphalt emulsion to dirt and gravel roads, shoulders and alleys as a dust control measure
  • Applying calcium chloride to remove snow and ice from sidewalks and parking lots at City-maintained facilities
  • Board-ups of evictions, burned or abandoned structures
  • Clean-ups of illegal dumping
  • Tree trimming and removals
  • Repairing and replacing signs, park fencing, bleachers, and equipment
  • Installing decorations for Christmas and Memorial Day

This division maintains and repairs City streets including potholes, street sweeping, street floods, catch basins, snow and ice control program, monitors the construction of major street repairs. They are responsible for the maintenance of catch basins, building and repairing the streets, drainage, and roadside drains. They also flush/cut the lines.


  • Street Sweeping: Will consist of 3 periodic sweepings - spring, fall, and winter.
  • Cut High Grass/Weeds: Inkster seasonal employees will begin cutting April through the end of October in 4 sections of the city; southwest, southeast, northwest, and northeast.
  • Signs: Repairs/replace street signs, no parking signs, handicap signs, stop signs, yield signs, etc., as required.
  • Road Repair/Replacement/Construction Work: Break up sections of the street (cement) and rebuild with new cement.

Street Sweeping

DPS performs this service during non-winter months of the year in order to keep catch basins clear and reduce incidents of street flooding. The fall season is the most critical time of the year. Citizen cooperation is greatly appreciated. You can help by removing your vehicle from the street between 7 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. and by not raking leaves into the street.